The world we live in is fast, global and highly interconnected. And while we’re constantly moving forward, our planet is falling behind – glaciers are melting, and climate change can be felt in all corners of the globe. But new ways of thinking have emerged and a push towards sustainability and mindful living and consumption are changing our future.

Giving back to Nature

Apiando Green Logistics

By always trying to conserve valuable resources, we keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. As it is our goal to live a life with minimal waste, environmental sustainability is an important part of our identity and deeply rooted in our company philosophy. This translates into energy-efficient facilities and the use of sustainable materials – we live Green Logistics!

  • Smart bundling of goods flows and optimal use of loading capacities
  • Eco-friendly materials und resource-conserving processes
  • Resource-friendly LED lighting with motion sensors
  • Heat-insulated roofs in compliance with the German Energy Saving Regulation (EnEV)
  • Energetically optimized warehousing
  • Minimal paper waste in administrative processes
  • Video conferencing as an alternative to business trips

Sustainable materials

We always focus on natural and recyclable materials. Karopack is only one of the eco-friendly packing options we use for the safe transport and delivery of your products. Karopack are small cushions made of tear-resistant and dust-free waste cardboard. It’s a sustainable and environmentally conscious reusable product that saves resources and gives discarded cardboard a new purpose. We also use packing chips made of compostable corn starch.

And it’s not only what we use but how we use it – by carefully choosing the right carton sizes we never create unnecessary waste. Plus, our compostable polybags help reduce the use of plastic.