Apiando’s Billbee fulfillment as a multi-channel solution

Companies are increasingly having to learn to stand on two feet: one stationary and one digital. Many retailers even rely entirely on online shops without their own logistics. Only recently did the Corona crisis show that traditional companies also depend on flexible online sales. The digitization of business processes and multi-channel solutions are becoming increasingly important in order to pick up customers at stationary and digital points of sale.

Billbee not only helps you to implement multi-channel strategies and synchronize online shops on one interface. With Billbee you also benefit from fulfillment service providers such as Apiando and scale your online trade profitably. Apiando offers many years of experience in e-fulfilment, a crisis-proof logistics network, optimal connections and modern IT that automates the data exchange between Billbee POS and the Billbee warehouse at Apiando.

Automated fulfillment for all Billbee POS

Scalable e-commerce solutions not only require a unique brand identity, high-quality products and a positive customer experience. Retailers are increasingly having to use multi-channel strategies to reach customers via different points of sale. It depends on a synchronized data exchange between all sales channels and an automated fulfillment integration. To do this, Billbee bundles your orders and customer data, while you outsource the fulfillment via interfaces to Apiando as the logistics specialist.

Your benefits with our Apiando Fulfillment

As a competent fulfillment provider in Germany, we guarantee many years of practical e-commerce experience and a digital infrastructure that enables a connection to shop systems such as Billbee. Our fulfillment service offers these advantages:

Order data from all sales channels are forwarded to Apiando and processing starts immediately.

You concentrate on scaling your multi-channel trade – we take care of the logistics.

You save costs and time with our fulfillment team and comprehensive storage and transport capacities.

We offer a wide range of storage areas in our logistics center in Koblenz for all goods requirements.

With a railway siding, direct location to the container port CONTARGO and loading ramps, we guarantee optimal connections and punctual delivery.

Our fulfillment processes small and large orders, can be planned in the short and long term and prevents bottlenecks.

You can keep track of your inventory and the status of order processing via almost real-time interfaces between our WaWi and Billbee.

We optimize the customer experience of your customers through tracking, updates on the shipping status and various shipping options.

For Billbee-FBA we offer a powerful, cost-effective Pre-FBA Service for storage, relocation and interim storage.

Billbee Shipping and storage with Apiando: How it works

Our integrated fulfillment can be easily connected to your Billbee multi-channel solutions. Thats how it works:

1. Set up interface

We receive your shipping orders automatically and bundled via the API connection of your Billbee account to our WaWi. The connection is always transparent for you. You always have an overview of your stock and inventory and can inform customers about the status of order processing.

2. Validate orders

We will confirm your orders and orders and inform you about the start and status of order processing. This applies to all Billbee POS through which orders are received. How to sync your multi-channel strategy with our fulfillment.

3. Picking and storage

Our modern logistics center offers state-of-the-art Lagerlogistik with storage areas for different types and quantities of goods. We ensure fast storage, relocation and interim storage and adapt to industry-specific requirements. Our picking is carried out according to your needs, depending on the order and product. Our efficient warehousing guarantees fast processing and seamless delivery

4. Packaging and premium service

You benefit from high-quality and sustainable shipping packaging and use premium services such as specific labeling and inserts (e.g. for new product launches or marketing campaigns). Value-added services and flexible shipping methods are crucial to your competition and optimize your customers’ customer experience.

5. Punctual shipping

For small and large quantities of goods, we always ship quickly and punctually. You can keep an eye on the shipping status via the connection to our merchandise management system, while our delivery is always on time and reliable, even with high capacity utilization and seasonal peaks.

6. Returns management

The best possible customer experience includes a simple, customer-friendly one Retourenservice. We take care of your returns, carry out thorough quality checks, take care of repackaging and re-storage or, if you wish, cost-saving disposal in accordance with current environmental protection guidelines.

5. Shipment

Shipping is just-in-time or just-in-sequence as required and, thanks to modern transport and logistics technologies, is fast and reliable even when capacity is high. We always use the best Germany and Europe-wide shipping conditions from leading shipping service providers.

Our offer for your Billbee fulfillment

Do you have any questions or would you like additional information about our Billbee Fulfillment Service?  Pls contact us!

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FAQ – Billbee Fulfillment

How does a Billbee API to Apiando work?

The Billbee API is an interface between your Billbee interface and Apiandos merchandise management system. While Billbee synchronizes order data for different sales channels and marketplaces, we receive your order data via the API. We process orders that are ready for dispatch and automatically inform you about the order status.

Can all online shops be connected?

By connecting your Billbee account to Apiando, you outsource the fulfillment for all online shops where you sell to us. This applies to both small and large shipping quantities, short-term or long-term orders or pre-storage or interim storage for Billbee-FBA (Fulfillment-by-Amazon) with our pre-FBA service.


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