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Experience Apiando’s worry-free JTL fulfillment services. We offer efficient e-logistics, short communication paths, long-standing experience as a fulfillment provider in the online business sector and a highly motivated team. From start-up to marketplace seller, from niche product to big brands – we are your trusted JTL logistics partner and take care of your fulfillment needs in the world of e-commerce.

JTL Fulfillment at a Glance

  • Order intake
    We receive all order information through our fully automated JTL Fulfillment network that is synced up with your shop system. Order data and product specifications are quickly transmitted through a flexible API interface.
  • Order validation
    After receiving your order, we’re issuing a validation and initiate the fulfillment process. Thanks to a transparent and fast IT interface, you can check and edit the order, inventory and shipment status at any point.
  • Position picks
    From order picking to returns management, our fulfillment e-logistics services guarantee seamless order and warehousing processes. Next to a versatile storage space, we offer efficient consignment services, industry-specific warehousing and just-in-time delivery.
  • Packing
    The professional packaging of your items adds value to your business and gives you a competitive edge. That’s why we offer additional premium services and are committed to finding the best packaging and labeling solutions for your needs.
  • Dispatch
    With our e-commerce fulfillment service, you can always follow the shipment status of your order. Thanks to modern warehousing technology, we guarantee a timely dispatch and make sure you get the best rates with leading shipping providers like DHL, DPD, UPS and more.

JTL Fulfillment Network
Easy access to Apiando fulfillment

With our efficient JTL e-commerce logistics service, we’re always getting the best out of your online business. Thanks to professional IT integration, transparent processes and easy-to-use interface, you always know where you stand. From your inventory and shipment status to all financial matters, the near real-time interface allows you to follow every step of the Apiando fulfillment process and gives you full control over KPIs and the completion progress.

As a certified JTL Fulfillment provider in Germany, we fulfill your orders with our own resources and a reliable infrastructure, including a versatile 12,000 m² storage space and an excellent logistics network with leading partner companies in the fulfillment logistics sector.

Save time and reduce costs by leaving complex fulfillment tasks to the experts at Apiando. We take care of every step in the warehousing process from storing and order picking to the final dispatch of your goods. By relying on JTL Fulfillment management, you’ll benefit from the leading goods management systems in Germany. Our close collaboration with JTL makes Apiando one of the leading JTL logistics providers.

Our Fulfillment Services
at a Glance


Our logistics center offers 12,000 m² of versatile storage space for lower shelf storing, pallet storing or block stacking. We offer a modern warehouse structure, adequate warehousing and timely dispatch. 

Order picking

Thanks to state-of-the-art warehouse logistics, we quickly process your order and professionally pack your goods for just-in-time or just-in-sequence delivery. Through a transparent IT interface, you can track the process from start to completion.


We guarantee the timely dispatch of your goods and the best rates with leading shipping providers like DHL, DPD and UPS. Follow the shipment status of your order through the JTL interface.


We swiftly manage all returns on ongoing orders, perform quality checks and ensure seamless re-storage.

IT integration

Our close collaboration with JTL and our long-standing, in-house experience with JTL Fulfillment and quick onboarding in less than two hours create the perfect conditions for your thriving online business.

Value-added services

From labels and secondary packaging to combining items, we want to add value to your business. Flexible, high-quality packaging and fulfillment solutions are our expertise.

If you want us to help you grow your online business, don’t hesitate and contact us. If you want to learn more about our services, click here.

Premium Fulfillment Service

Effektiver Fulfilllment-Service für Ihr E-Commerce Business.
We take on fulfillment and logistics for you, so you can focus on your online business.
Hochwertige Konfektionierung dank flexiblem Fulfillment-Service.
Our fulfillment service includes high-quality packing with premium packaging solutions.
Optimale Positionierung Ihrer Aufträge durch E-Fulfillment Kommissionierung.
Our order picking process is speedy, reliable and transparent.
Dank JTL Fulfillment Network immer den Überblick wahren.
With JTL connected to our fulfillment logistics you’re always up to date and in control of your orders.
12.000 m² stehen für unsere Aktionswarenlogistik und Ihr Saisongeschäft bereit.
With 12,000 m² of versatile storage space at our logistics center, we offer warehousing solutions adjusted to your needs.

Your benefits with Apiando as your JTL fulfillment provider

Successful e-commerce depends on speedy, customer-friendly and reliable transactions. Thanks to our JTL Fulfillment network, you can focus on business growth and scalability while we handle all logistics matters. From web shop orders to e-mail and phone orders, all data is seamlessly captured within our system where it stays transparent and accessible. 

When it comes to your success, we like to think ahead by managing your databases and daily inventory and by packaging, picking and dispatching your goods including invoices and delivery notes at the best shipping rates possible. Our highly motivated team is happy to help in all things e-commerce and logistics and makes sure that your deliveries are perfectly packaged and get to their destination in a timely manner. “Flawless, sustainable and appealing“ is a motto we live by.


Our Prices for JTL Fulfillment at a Glance

  • Storage space
    Starting at € 6.50/m² per month, we offer a total of 12,000 m² storage space for small and large shipping orders.
  • Order processing
    Starting at € 1.40 per parcel, our logistics team ensures a seamless, punctual and reliable dispatch of your goods. This includes optimal packaging solutions and added-value services like labeling, delivery slips and more.
  • Pick & Pack
    Starting at € 0.20 per item, we offer time- and cost-efficient order picking and the speedy dispatch of your order thanks to our Pick & Pack method.
  • Dispatch
    Starting at € 3.20 per parcel and € 25 per pallet, we dispatch your orders at the best possible rates through reliable shipping providers like DHL, DPD or UPS.
  • Labeling
    Starting at € 0.10 per item, we’ll add professional labels to your products. We always adjust to your order and make sure it gets to its final destination in time.

All prices are net prices incl. VAT.

Our additional Services

As one of the leading fulfillment logistics providers in Germany, Apiando not only offers JTL Fulfillment but also a broad range of other logistics services. What we also offer:

  • MYOS Product-Based Financing: We‘ve teamed up with the working capital specialist MYOS who offers safe product-based financing for your business. With guaranteed liquidity thanks to MYOS and efficient fulfillment logistics provided by Apiando, your growth plans are in the best of hands.
  • Promotional Goods Logistics: Seasonal goods require flexible logistics solutions and a perfect infrastructure. Apiando is an expert when it comes to promotional logistics matters. Modern IT interfaces and seamless processes ensure the timely delivery of your products to all sales points.
  • Transport Logistics: Whether it’s regional, national or international, we’ll take care of the entire flow of goods from collection and warehousing to interim storage and dispatch. We offer transparency, an extensive network and high-quality delivery.
  • Reverse Logistics: We are your reliable partner when it comes to returns and handle all items in a professional manner, including quality checks and re-storage according to your specific requirements.
  • Pre FBA: Our Pre FBA service provides the perfect fulfillment logistics solutions for Amazon sellers and vendors. With our Pre FBA service offer, you’ll safe on fixed costs and let us handle the warehouse and dispatch processes for your Amazon customers.
  • Self-Storage: At our logistics center in Koblenz, we also offer time-limited self-storage solutions. Benefit from modern storage facilities starting at 10 m², safe access control, flexible relocation and optimal transport connections.

We are the trusted partner of many online shops and the number one choice for manufacturers and merchants of promotional materials, consumer products, branded items as well as forwarders, ad agencies, global market leaders, start-ups and family businesses.

FAQ – JTL Fulfillment

What is JTL Fulfillment network?

The definition of JTL Fulfillment is pretty straightforward: Cutting-edge warehouse and dispatch management through a smart network of fulfillment service providers. The JTL Fulfillment network offers automated fulfillment solutions, full transparency throughout all processes and connects you to the right logistics partners for your online business.

What does e-commerce outsourcing include?

Successful online businesses need an efficient logistics infrastructure. Flexible storage space, accessible transportation routes, flexible delivery personnel and transparent dispatch management are key but cost time and money. With warehouse and logistics outsourcing through a fulfillment provider like Apiando, you get to focus on your growing business. With our long-standing expertise, great connections and a hands-on mentality, we take care of warehousing, packaging, a timely delivery and handling your returns.

What is JTL-WAWI?

JTL-Wawi is a merchandise management software solution for your JTL e-commerce management. Through the integration with JTL Fulfillment, you can optimize and automate all business processes, JTL workflows and more.

How long does it take to switch over to JTL?

Connecting your online business to our JTL Fulfillment network is a quick and easy process. We’ll help you implement the JTL-Wawi software and connect you to the JTL Fulfillment network. We also offer training and support and are here to answer all of your questions about JTL-Wawi, WMS & Fulfillment. Thanks to the JTL Fulfillment service, we also offer an extensive network of other JTL Fulfillment clients.

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We’re experts at getting our hands dirty and take fulfillment logistics off your shoulder. Benefit from e-commerce outsourcing and contact us today. Our highly motivated team is looking forward to your business.  


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