Reduce Costs with our Amazon FBA Logistics Services

Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon and offers many benefits to merchants and manufacturers. As an online retailer, you can use the Amazon FBA Service to ship your goods and services directly to your customers via the Amazon warehouse. While this guarantees speedy order processing and on-time delivery, you are also reaching Amazon’s strongest customer segment – Amazon Prime members. However, the Amazon Fulfillment Service for merchants adds additional organizational expenses as well as storage and returns costs at the Amazon warehouse.


With our finely tuned Pre FBA service offerings, you get to benefit from the following:

  • We store your products prior selling so you can save on Amazon FBA warehousing costs.
  • We’ll take on all logistic tasks, including the receipt of your goods, storage, picking, dispatch and returns management.
  • We check your goods upon receipt and prepare them for shipment according to Amazon guidelines.
  • We check all Amazon FBA returns and store, re-process or re-send them.
  • We take care of proper labeling, declarations, packaging as well as secondary packaging and guarantee the best possible shipping rates.
  • You get to use our warehouse as a replenishment storage location to save warehousing costs
  • As a long-term renter you get to benefit from attractive discounts.
  • Send your Amazon FBA products as parcel, pallet or container deliveries and we’ll store your goods on pallets, in lower shelf spaces, block or high-rack storage etc.
  • Benefit from our versatile 12,000 m² storage space and ideal transport connections including rail access and close proximity to the cargo port Contargo.
  • Reliable handling of goods: On behalf of your Amazon FBA business, we’ll receive your goods in the form of parcels, pallets or shipping containers. Send them to us directly or through your manufacturer.
  • Secure warehousing: We’re offering secure and industry-specific warehousing by providing pallets, lower shelf spaces, block storage and more. Benefit from fixed prices and discounts for long-term renters. We adjust our versatile storage space to your needs and provide seamless video surveillance as well as modern access control.
  • Order picking: We make sure that your stored goods and products are packaged in sustainable materials and labeled in accordance with Amazon guidelines.
  • Dispatch: We ensure you’ll get the best shipping rates and take care of a smooth dispatch of your goods, so they arrive safely at Amazon logistics warehouses around the world.
  • Added-value services: We also offer tailored added-value services to help your online business thrive. This includes pre-assembly, labeling, declarations, product sheets, packaging, secondary packaging and more.
  • Handling Amazon FBA returns: We take care of inevitable returns, perform quality checks and reliable re-processing, re-sending or disposing according to your needs. 


Pre FBA: Our logistics services at a glance

  • Step 1: Receipt of goods
    Instead of sending your goods to an Amazon warehouse, you or your manufacturer can send them directly to our competent logistics center in Koblenz for interim storage.
  • Step 2: Quality check
    Upon receipt of your goods, we perform a quality check to make sure they are intact and complete before storing them safely and transparently according to your requirements.
  • Step 3: Packaging
    We take care of high-quality packaging according to the Amazon guidelines and prepare your goods for smooth onward transport to the Amazon logistics center. 
  • Step 4: Labeling
    We classify and label your goods according to Amazon guidelines and offer additional value-added services including product sheets, product refinements and special labels.
  • Step 5: Dispatch
    We prepare your goods for shipment to Amazon logistics centers and fulfill all tasks and processes related to logistics and transport. This includes managing returns according to your guidelines e.g., quality checks, re-processing, re-sending or disposal.

Your advantages from Pre-FBA with Apiando

Als Ihr Amazon Versandpartner nehmen wir Ihre Pakete, Paletten und See-Container an.

Save on Amazon FBA costs

With our Pre FBA warehouse at Apiando, you benefit from cost-efficient and flexible interim and replenishment storage. With our help, you’ll keep your warehouse costs with Amazon low and always have the option to send replenishments to Amazon even on short notice. Next to our attractive rental terms, secure and dry storage units and fulfillment with modern IT interfaces, you’ll benefit from a highly motivated and professional on-site team. We fulfill your logistics orders in a speedy and worry-free manner and give you full flexibility and transparency while keeping your expenses at a minimum. Optimizing your costs means that you can accept a bigger product supply, increase turnover and promote business growth.


Quality checks and handling Amazon FBA returns

We perform thorough quality checks on all of your goods to make sure they are intact and complete. When packaging your goods, we use high-quality materials and make sure that they are shipped to the Amazon logistics center according to Amazon regulations. We also manage Amazon FBA product returns which includes quality checks, re-processing, re-sending or disposal per your request. Protect the environment and your wallet and contact us for a free quote. We’re looking forward to your business!


Hochwertige Konfektionierung dank flexiblem Fulfillment-Service.

Energy-efficient and sustainable logistic solutions

Apiando stands for efficiency and quality. Not only does that apply to our logistics services, but also to our sustainability strategy. As one of the leading and best-connected logistics providers in Germany, we feel obligated to preserve the environment. That’s why environmental sustainability is deeply rooted in our company philosophy and reflected in Apiando Green Logistics. This is how we show up for the environment and meet our sustainability objectives:

  • Efficient, IT-supported use of storage capacities
  • Consolidated and seamless flow of goods
  • Sustainable materials and resource-friendly LED lighting 
  • Certified insulation and energy-efficient storage areas 

Our interim storage for your Amazon FBA products help you save warehousing costs

Our logistics center encompasses 12,000 m² of storage space on our 20,000 m² premises in Koblenz. Thanks to a central location, optimal transport connections, 15 loading ramps, rail access and close proximity to the cargo port CONTARGO in Koblenz, we offer modern storage solutions with an efficient infrastructure.

12.000 m² vielfältige Lagerflächen auf 20.000 m² Grundfläche.
Our 15 loading ramps and excellent transport connections ensure the reliable receipt of your goods and an on-time dispatch.
Als Ihr Amazon Versandpartner nehmen wir Ihre Pakete, Paletten und See-Container an.
Whether you’re sending your goods in parcels, on pallets or in shipping containers, we know how to store them properly.
Lebensmittel in unser Kühllogistik
Our 20,000 m ² premises include 12,000 m² of versatile and industry-specific storage space.
Lückenlose Warenbewegungen durch eine moderne Infrastruktur und optimales Versandmanagement.
Modern dispatch management with transparent IT interfaces guarantees a seamless movement of goods and reliable shipping.
Wir garantieren Ihnen einen sicheren Transport Service
In our secured storage facilities with video surveillance, your goods are always efficiently stored and well-protected.
Waren werden gemäß den Amazon-Richtlinien verpackt und pünktlich versandt.
Your goods are packaged according to Amazon guidelines for on-time delivery to the Amazon warehouse.

FAQ: How does Amazon Pre FBA work?

What is Pre FBA?

Pre FBA gives online merchants the option to put their manufactured or purchased goods in temporary storage with a logistics service provider. Storing goods in Amazon warehouses, as intended with the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) concept, means higher costs and additional logistical effort. Pre FBA interim storage lets you rent out warehousing space for lower rates while you can rely on the experience of professional logistics providers and their efficient processes. And thanks to a replenishment and interim storage, you’ll avoid unwanted interruptions like bottlenecks or idle time in your product chain.

Which services are included in Amazon Pre FBA?

Pre FBA includes the receipt and quality check of goods, the storage of small and large quantities, relocation of goods if needed, packaging according to Amazon guidelines, order picking, added-value services and on-time dispatch to Amazon’s logistics center.

How can I lower Amazon FBA costs with Pre FBA?

For online merchants, storing goods and managing returns at Amazon warehouses is linked to additional costs and logistical effort. With interim storage through fulfillment providers like Apiando, you benefit from much better rates. At the same time, you can rely on efficient logistics management that is tailored to your business and focuses on increasing your turnover figures.

Amazon FBA vs. drop shipping: What is the differences?

Drop shipping is a form of retail business only involving an online shop and contracted suppliers. Without intermediaries, Amazon doesn’t help you sell or ship your products. Goods are never kept by the drop shipper but directly sent to the end customer by product manufacturers or wholesalers after an order is placed. This also means that the online merchant is in charge of all organizational and logistic tasks. Amazon FBA on the other hand takes care of product shipment and provides storage capacities, customer service as well as packaging and shipping solutions. Thus, Amazon acts as a logistics and shipping partner and stores your goods until they’re sold.

Your personal Pre FBA offer 

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