Professional Reverse Logistics for E-Commerce and FBA Returns

Product returns are an inevitable part of every online business. And since they are expected, you can use Apiando’s return management services to plan ahead and navigate through seamless return processes. We not only take care of transport logistics and warehousing, but we also handle your returns. Our returns management includes the following services:

  • Accepting all kinds of returned goods whether online shop or FBA returns, both unannounced and as part of an Amazon returns order
  • Sorting returns and performing transparent quality checks
  • Re-processing and re-packaging returns
  • Easy storage for resale and reconsignment
  • Straightforward and thorough disposal of defective goods and package recycling

Our Returns Management Services at a Glance

  • Acceptance of returns
    Upon receipt of product returns, our team performs thorough quality checks to assess potential damages, signs of usage, functionality and completeness of goods.
  • Returns reporting
    Thanks to Apiando cloud interfaces, you benefit from real-time status updates and can check the reasons for returns and condition of your goods at any point. That way, you’re always in control and can let us know how to proceed with your (FBA) returns.
  • Quality check & handling returns
    In our quality checks, we assess the resalability of your returns. If the goods pass our inspection, they’re professionally packaged and prepared for resale and reconsignment. This entire process is exclusively performed by our professional staff trained in returns management.
  • Disposal and recycling
    If returned products don’t pass our quality check, we’ll give you an instant update and you can let us know how to proceed. Per your request, we’ll dispose defective products in a sustainable way and in compliance with legal regulations, so you get to save time and money. Alternatively, we’ll also help you find a recycler that will take on your non-salable products, keeping your financial losses at a minimum.

Our returns management process:
The steps

  • Receipt of returns: We accept your customers’ returns at our logistics center.
  • Identification: Thanks to cutting-edge scan and cloud technology, we can identify returns and send you updates in real-time. That way, all processes are transparent and always accessible.
  • Classifying and processing: We perform quality checks and classify all returns through a streamlined and thorough process. You also get a report on your products’ resalability. If returns pass our inspection, they are professionally packaged and prepared for resale and reconsignment.
  • Warehousing: We package and re-store your returns at our logistics center. That way, you don’t have to worry about preparing them for resale.
  • Inventory report: We’ll inform you about your inventory status as well as the processing status of your returns in real-time.

Our Specialty:
Amazon FBA Returns

We’re one of the leading logistics providers in the Pre FBA service sector and your reliable partner when it comes to Amazon FBA returns. Thanks to many years of experience, we’re experts in FBA reverse logistics and help you reduce your Amazon inventory. Your benefits when working with us:

  • With speedy automated processes and a flexible infrastructure, we handle the storage, relocation and reconsignment of your returns.
  • If returned goods need to be discarded, we’ll organize their professional disposal in compliance with all legal regulations.
  • Thanks to our Amazon returns handling and warehousing, you can reduce your Amazon FBA returns costs and focus on your core business.
  • The integration of the JTL Fulfillment network and a high-performing JTL goods management system with real-time updates make sure that you always stay on top when it comes to the receipt, condition and quality checks of your returns.
  • Through our organized and efficient returns management, we’ll optimize your product and inventory processes, reduce waste and prepare returns for repurchase.

FAQ: Returns

How do I save costs on FBA returns?

Quick deliveries and cost-efficient returns management are important factors for any growing online business. With Apiando, you get to benefit from streamlined and optimized returns handling while saving costs on logistics and transport.

Is it worth it to outsource returns management?

A professional and experienced logistics service provider knows the challenges that come with the world of e-commerce including inevitable returns. Streamlined processes and quality checks performed directly at the logistics center save time and quickly reintegrate your goods into your inventory. 

How sustainable is Apiando’s returns management?

With Apiando Green Logistics, we are taking responsibility for the environment by following sustainable processes. It is our goal to reintegrate resalable goods into the inventory or find an environmentally friendly way to dispose of them in compliance with legal regulations. In addition, we also choose sustainable and recyclable packaging materials.

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