What is Shopify?

An appealing ambience, friendly employees and friendly customer service as in bricks-and-mortar retail have to be balanced out by online shops with an attractive shop design, simple ordering processes, friendly customer service and fast shipping. However, if you have neither the time nor the means for your own website with an integrated online shop, you don’t have to be left out in e-commerce. Software solutions for online shops help merchants to build a unique online shop. This includes Shopify. On the market since 2006, Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce companies with more than 1,000,000 customers worldwide. The cloud-based shop system with omnichannel marketing uses user-friendly all-in-one solutions for small and large companies, which enable almost unlimited scalability online and offline.

Use Shopify fulfillment with Apiando

Shopify guarantees a pleasant ordering and buying experience through attractive layouts, simple operation and various apps and plugins. However, after the order is placed, it is before the shipment and this is where Apiando comes into play with reliable fulfillment. In general, Shopify merchants can choose between different fulfillment solutions to get products to customers safely and quickly. This includes:

Storage, packaging and shipping with our own means and logistics areas

App connection to shipping service providers (e.g. DHL eParcel)

Dropshipping services from manufacturers or wholesalers

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Dropshipping services from manufacturers or wholesalers

Having your own warehousing keeps retailers independent, but makes them more vulnerable in the event of bottlenecks. In order to promote scalability despite limited capacities, we at Apiando help you to outsource your fulfillment in a cost-saving and revenue-increasing manner. As a competent, experienced fulfillment service, we have a powerful infrastructure and logistics to automate warehousing, shipping and returns for you and to manage them even at high capacity. User-friendly Shopify fulfillment APIs, interfaces between your Shopify backend and our fulfillment management system, synchronize the data exchange between the web shop and logistics and ensure seamless, fast ordering and shipping processes.

Benefits of Shopify-Fulfillment with Apiando
at a glance

As your fulfillment partner, keeping your customers happy and growing your business is our priority. We offer you there adavantages as a reliable partner:

  • Increased scalability of your online business through Apiando’s efficient, modern logistics
  • Time and cost savings thanks to our diverse logistics areas for warehousing and our highly trained fulfillment team
  • An optimal connection with rail connection, close proximity to the international container port CONTARGO and loading ramp
  • Strengthening of your core competencies and customer satisfaction
  • Flexible rental contracts and storage costs according to your needs
  • Automated and synchronized data exchange via Shopify Fulfillment API and our WaWi for small and large shipping orderd
  • Our many years of experience and reliable logistics for a successful Shopify fulfillment Germany
  • Our secure, transparent in-house IT and merchandise management system with quick onboarding and alsmost real-time interfaces
  • High-quality, industry-specific packaging and delivery
  • Smooth logistics even in seasonal business, crises and high capacity utilization

This is how the Shopify fulfillment integration with Apiando works

1. System connection

The Shopify Fulfillment API is used to quickly connect to Apiando’s merchandise management system. Thanks to direct and transparent data exchange between your Shopify backend and our logistics, we manage your order, customer and inventory data. You always have an overview of your items and the order status and increase customer satisfaction through transparent shipping processes.

2. Order validation

Immediately after placing an order, we automatically receive the necessary order data in order to implement shipping as quickly as possible. Thanks to our fast order validation, you can always keep your customers up to date on the shipping status and view and edit your order status at any time using almost real-time interfaces.

3. Picking and storage

Our picking and warehousing offers state-of-the-art, seamless order and warehouse management in our 20,000 m² logistics center with versatile storage areas. Order picking and storage is specific to the order, industry and product and ensures just-in-time delivery and fast shipping.

4. Packaging and Value Added Services

Individual premium services (e.g. for new product launches or marketing campaigns) are crucial for customer satisfaction and competition. That’s why we offer reliable packaging, including high-quality packaging solutions and value-added services such as specific labeling and inserts.

5. Shipment

Shipping is just-in-time or just-in-sequence as required and, thanks to modern transport and logistics technologies, is fast and reliable even when capacity is high. We always use the best Germany and Europe-wide shipping conditions from leading shipping service providers.

Apiando’s Shopify fulfillment service at a glance

IT connection

Thanks to many years of in-house experience with the JTL Fulfillment Network, we guarantee fast, secure and transparent data exchange, quick onboarding, clear order and inventory management and almost real-time interfaces along the warehousing and shipping chain.

Warehouse management

You benefit from modern storage areas in our logistics center in Koblenz. We offer the most modern, independently tested storage technologies, the highest safety regulations and warehousing on pallets, shelving spaces, block storage, high racks and in temperature-controlled rooms.


Acceptance and storage take place quickly and efficiently in order to use storage capacities in the best possible and sustainable manner and to ensure short work processes and fast delivery. With IT interfaces, you always have an overview of your positions.


Our shipping takes place at the most favorable conditions for you with the leading shipping service providers in Germany and Europe.

Returns service

We take care of returns processing for you, carry out a quality check on returns, ensure repackaging and re-storage or, if necessary, proper disposal.

Value Added Services

Order-specific packaging with added value is important to us. This includes needs-based packaging solutions, labelling, outer packaging and individual inserts.

These are our Shopify fulfillment costs

Storage areas

For small or large positions, we offer a variety of storage areas for €6.50 per m² per month.


From €1.49 per package, we offer punctual and fast shipping. All of this in high-quality packaging and with value-added services such as labelling, delivery notes and much more.

Pick & Pack

From €0.20 per item, we offer the time- and cost-saving Pick & Pack picking method and ensure the fastest possible shipping.


From 3.20 € per package and from 25.00 € per pallet, we send large and small orders at favorable daily updated conditions with German and Europe-wide shipping companies such as DHL, DPD or UPS.


From €0.10 per item, we take care of the order-specific labeling of your goods.

All prices are net prices plus 19% VAT.

What is the Shopify Fulfillment Network?

The Corona crisis and the boom in e-commerce have made Shopify one of Canada’s most valuable companies. Retailers in the USA and Canada adapted to market requirements and expanded their stationary trade to include online sales. Shopify has been helping retailers since 2019 and offers an automated network of American and Canadian fulfillment centers with the Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN). Retailers without comprehensive IT experience can rely on all-inclusive solutions and individualized templates and, thanks to networked transport and logistics structures, can also hold their own against online giants such as Amazon. Only dealers in the USA and Canada can currently register for the SFN. There is currently no announcement for a logistics network in Shopify Fulfillment Europe. So take advantage of the expertise and experience that Apiando offers you as a reliable fulfillment partner.

Your individual offer for our Shopify fulfillment

With our efficient Shopify fulfillment, you can focus on growing your online business. For additional information and a personal offer, contact us here.

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We also offer these services

As an experienced logistics expert, Apiando not only offers professional Shopify fulfillment, but also numerous other logistics services. These include:

  • Promotional goods logistics: As a specialist for flexible campaign goods logistics, high utilization of seasonal goods is not a problem.
  • Transport logistics: The acceptance, storage or interim storage takes place regionally, nationally and internationally quickly and reliably thanks to optimal networking.
  • Returns & Remissions: Our returns management not only guarantees customer satisfaction, but also cost savings and professional reprocessing or proper disposal.
  • Pre-FBA: Our Pre-FBA Service for Amazon Sellers & Vendoren relieves you of the main burden of logistical storage and shipping processes.
  • MYOS-merchandise financing: Advance your growth plans with the working capital expert MYOS and efficient Apiando Fulfillment.
  • Self-Storage: Use modern, highly secure storage rooms from 10 m² for temporary storage.

FAQ – Shopify-Fulfillment

How to add fulfillment methods in Shopify?

As a Shopify user, you can choose between fulfillment methods in your shop, such as in-house shipping, external fulfillment, or a combination of both. You can specify different fulfillment methods for your products in the store under the “Accounts and integration” and “Custom order fulfillment” sections.

How does order forwarding work with Shopify?

To automate fulfillment orders, you can use fulfillment apps (such as dropshipping apps, print-on-demand apps, or fulfillment-by-amazon apps), automated order routing via email, or cloud-based data exchange via Shopify backend -Use interfaces with the fulfillment WaWi.

How long does it take to connect Shopify Fulfillment?

The system connection between your Shopify business and Apiandos WaWi is quickly completed after your requirements and needs have been defined. Due to our many years of experience with the JTL Fulfillment Network and as an official JTL service partner, we guarantee you the greatest digital competence for the outsourcing of your logistics.


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