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We help you optimize your warehouse logistics and turnover figures by connecting you to the JTL Fulfillment Network. JTL is the leading software provider for logistic solutions. As a certified JTL service partner and fulfillment expert, Apiando offers professional JTL-Wawi support, training and consulting in the areas of JTL-Shop Hosting, JTL-WMS set-up and fulfillment. Thanks to years of experience in e-commerce, running our own JTL Fulfillment business and partnering with numerous JTL Fulfillment clients, we can help you grow your online business in the most strategic and efficient way.  

Our JTL Services

JTL-Wawi Support & Implementation

JTL-Wawi is the leading software for merchandise and resource management. It automates e-commerce processes and connects your online business to the JTL Fulfillment network. As a competent JTL software service partner, we guide you through every step of the JTL-Wawi implementation process. Our services include:

  • Initial installation of JTL-Wawi
  • JTL-Wawi help, support and training
  • Fast access and JTL onboarding of shipping providers & JTL-Wawi partners
  • Portfolio and inventory management with JTL “Ameise-Tool” for product imports and exports
  • Seamless integration of JTL Fulfillment Network (FFN)
  • Support with JTL-POS cash register system for retail & multi-channel
  • Quick support for connecting payment providers
  • Setting up payment types/matching and customer types/groups
  • Connecting eBay & Amazon with JTL-eazyAuction
  • Handling return processes

JTL Service & E-Commerce Optimization

We support you in the strategic optimization and automatization of your business processes in JTL-Wawi. Our services include:

  • Setting up efficient JTL workflows
  • Exports with the “Ameise-Tool”
  • Dot-Liquid Templates
  • SQL queries
  • Technical support via remote access
  • Regular update service

JTL-WMS: Set-up & Support

JTL-WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a software solution for the efficient use of storage capacities and goods handling processes. It allows you to automate recurring logistic procedures while optimizing your inventory, order picking and goods movement strategies. As a competent and experienced JTL partner, we’re here to help you with JTL-WMS installation and follow-up processes.

Our services include:

  • Initial installation of JTL-WMS
  • Efficient and cost-effective warehouse planning and logistics consulting
  • Setting up WMS-Mobile for warehouse management on mobile devices
  • Hardware service for JTL-WMS and JTL-WMS-Mobile
  • Software extension JTL-Packtisch+ to create picking lists for several concurrent transactions of incoming/outgoing goods
  • Handling returns by setting up fast and transparent return management processes
  • Creating picking lists and efficient itineraries

Get the best out of your product chain and increase your turnover figures! We’re also happy to help you with any follow-up queries. For appointments and on-site visits, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Support for JTL-Wawi & JTL-Shop Hosting

Do you want to avoid costly hardware investments and use Wawi on your mobile device? We are experts in JTL-Shop Hosting and JTL-Wawi and committed to finding the best solution for your business. Thanks to our long-standing JTL Service Partner Network, we’re able to connect you with competent and reliable JTL hosting providers.  

Our Expertise: E-Commerce Logistics with our JTL Fulfillment Network

Apiando scores twice: We are a certified JTL service partner, and we draw on many years of experience and practical know-how as a JTL Fulfillment provider. From our 12,000 m² logistics center in Koblenz, we handle complex orders with full flexibility and perfectly integrated JTL Fulfillment. When it comes to JTL support, we’re the first port of call.

Do you want to be in charge of the planning process, outsource specific tasks or an efficient combination of both? With Apiando & the JTL Fulfillment Network, you can manage growing sales, global expansion and personnel gaps in your warehouse in a quick, cost-effective and flexible way. You can rely on our experience from running our own JTL Fulfillment business and benefit from our network of satisfied JTL Fulfillment clients. We are your strategic service partner for JTL logistics and offer you seamless JTL support, training and consultation to minimize costs, automate processes and make your online business as profitable as possible.

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