Rent your perfect storage space in Koblenz

Are you looking for adequate warehouse space to safely store your goods? Or do you want to reduce your industry-specific logistics expenses and keep storage risk at a minimum? Apiando is your perfect partner in all warehouse logistics matters. On our 20,000 m² premises in Koblenz centrally located in the Mittelrhein region, you’ll find our 12,000 m² logistics center. This is where we offer you seamless transport chains and modern storage solutions for your warehousing needs. What we provide at our logistics center:

  • Versatile storage space for various goods in small and large quantities
  • Warehousing for temperature-sensitive and high-quality goods, block storage, lower shelf and high-rack storage
  • Efficient infrastructure with rail access and 15 loading ramps
  • Close proximity to cargo port CONTARGO

Thanks to our efficient warehouse structure and state-of-the-art equipment we’re flexible and always connected to the world. We also work with leading partner organizations and networks in the region.


Our benefits at a glance:

  • Single- und multi-user storage
  • Temperature-controlled warehousing: Deep-freeze storage down to -25°C and cooled storage from +2° to +8°C, +15°C and +25°C
  • Block storage areas
  • High-rack storage
  • Storage for hazardous goods
  • Storage for organic goods
  • IFS-certified storage
  • Lower shelving and dynamic carton live shelving
  • Gate and stage ramp delivery
  • Big pack acceptance & storage
  • Rail access
  • Close proximity to cargo port CONTARGO in Koblenz

Safe and high-quality warehouse management

Kühlflächen in Koblenz mieten

We provide safe, dry and cutting-edge storage solutions for your goods. At our logistics center in Koblenz, we follow the highest warehousing standards and adjust to your individual needs and guidelines. With Apiando, you’re choosing a logistics provider and business location that is regularly monitored by external auditors ensuring that all legal requirements are met. Our warehouse features seamless video surveillance and modern access control for maximum security. Our facility management and a highly motivated team on-site is looking forward to your orders. Benefit from a safe environment, energy-efficient facilities and our broad scope of specialized services.

Seamless processes thanks to modern IT interfaces and JTL Fulfillment

High security standards, reliable service and transparent processes form the basis of our warehouse logistics. This is not only accredited to our many years of experience as a logistics provider and our professionally trained team, but also an excellent IT infrastructure. Easy-to-use and transparent IT interfaces and full implementation of the JTL Fulfillment network software solution ensure seamless processes and an efficient utilization of our storage capacities. We have our own internal licensed IT resources and are a certified JTL service partner. That’s why Apiando displays a high level of IT competence and can assist you with connecting your warehouse logistics to the JTL Fulfillment network.

Mockup JTL WMS

Ideal location, flexible storage space,
efficient storing and relocating

12.000 m² stehen für unsere Aktionswarenlogistik und Ihr Saisongeschäft bereit.

Our central location with rail access, close proximity to the cargo port CONTARGO in Koblenz and excellent transport connections allow for cost- and time-efficient warehousing, relocation and interim storage solutions. You can rent versatile storage space that align with your industry-specific requirements. Through intuitive and transparent IT interfaces, we’ll help you create efficient logistics processes, lower your warehouse expenses, reduce shipping costs and increase transshipment volumes of your businesses. As a leading logistics provider, our experienced and highly motivated team is known for its hands-on mentality and offers services that add value to your business.


Long-standing experience with e-commerce warehouse logistics

Our client network consists of satisfied online merchants and companies in the e-commerce sector. We understand the requirements and needs of online businesses and thanks to our expertise as a fulfillment provider, we can offer you flexible and professional warehouse logistics solutions for your goods. With us, you not only opt for adequate storage space, but also ideal transport connections, flexible storing, relocating and cutting-edge logistics management based on transparency, safety and reliability.

Apiando Mitarbeiterin verpackt Paket

Energy-efficient and sustainable logistics solutionsx

Apiando stands for efficiency and quality. Not only does that apply to our logistics services, but also to our sustainability strategy. As one of the leading and best-connected logistics providers in Germany, we feel obligated to preserve the environment. That’s why environmental sustainability is deeply rooted in our company philosophy and reflected in Apiando Green Logistics. This is how we show up for the environment and meet our sustainability objectives: 

  • Efficient, IT-supported use of storage capacities
  • Consolidated and seamless flow of goods
  • Sustainable materials and resource-friendly LED lighting
  • Certified insulation and energy-efficient storage areas

Apiando’s Warehouse

Kühlflächen in Koblenz mieten
As a service provider for logistics, we create seamless processes.
Lückenlose Warenbewegungen durch eine moderne Infrastruktur und optimales Versandmanagement.
Storage space for temperature-sensitive and high-quality goods, block storage, lower shelf and high-rack storage
LKW Transporte an unser Logistikzentrum in Koblenz
We ensure that your goods are always safely loaded.
Lückenlose Warenbewegungen durch eine moderne Infrastruktur und optimales Versandmanagement.
Modern shipment management with transparent IT interfaces guarantees a smooth flow of goods and reliable dispatch
Palettenstellplatz in unserer Logistikhalle
As an Amazon Pre FBA logistics provider, we help you reduce costs and increase your turnover through highly efficient utilization of our storage capacities.
Waren werden gemäß den Amazon-Richtlinien verpackt und pünktlich versandt.
Your goods are packaged according to Amazon guidelines and dispatched to the Amazon warehouse in a timely manner.

FAQ: Warehouse Logistics

What are important factors in warehouse logistics?

Warehouse logistics are an integral part of the supply and product chain an encompasses the storage, management and conservation of materials and inventory. A seamless flow of goods and transparent monitoring of all warehouse processes are key. Effective warehouse logistics keep costs at a minimum, fully utilize storage capacities and create smooth storage and transport processes.

What services are included in warehouse logistics?

Warehouse logistics consist of a complex performance structure starting with finding the right location and figuring out storage capacities to managing transport logistics. Core tasks and services include:

  • Managing and monitoring in-house warehousing processes and transport
  • Warehousing, interim storage and relocation of goods
  • Inventory management
  • Conservation and picking of goods according to industry-specific standards
  • Organizing in-house warehousing processes or outsourcing logistics processes
  • Personnel management
  • Risk and quality management
  • Returns management

What types of warehouse costs are there?

Effective warehouse logistics are characterized by cost efficiency. That’s why planning warehousing processes always involves the management logistics expenses. There are different types of warehousing costs. The warehousing cost rate is the result of the maintenance costs for the warehouse itself and the storage costs. The latter includes all expenses that are associated with tasks related to the storage space. Warehouse maintenance costs include the provision of storing capacities, personnel, infrastructure, equipment and the maintenance of storage units. The warehousing cost rate is a result of warehouse maintenance expenses, storage expenses and the applicable interest rate.

Included in warehouse maintenance and storage expenses:

  • Personnel and administrative costs
  • Costs for storage space, inventories and stored goods
  • Energy costs
  • Costs for materials, conveying means, tools etc.
  • Capital and risk costs

How can I lower warehouse costs?

In order to optimize and reduce warehousing costs, we recommend using modern monitoring and management tools like a professional warehouse management software. As an official JTL service partner and specialist for the JTL Fulfillment network we have many years of practical experience when it comes to optimizing warehousing costs and logistic processes. Reducing costs involves efficient and transparent inventory management, seamless order processing and warehouse logistics without idle time or waste. KPIs also help to get a better grasp of logistic expenses and help control and measure service performances.

We’ll help you implement JTL-Wawi and JTL WMS to connect your business to the JTL Fulfillment network. Contact us for a noncommittal offer.

Is it worth it to outsource warehouse logistics?

Optimized warehouse logistics give your businesses a competitive edge. Only flexible and efficient product and transport chains can guarantee that your goods get to their destination without losses or additional expenses. Outsourcing logistic processes also means that you can focus on your core business while experts handle logistic details. We are the logistics partner for leading companies in Germany and through our perfect location, we can offer a highly efficient infrastructure and the optimal storage of your goods. We are familiar with all warehouse logistics processes and provide modern and certified storage capacities.

We’re specialized in JTL Fulfillment and experts in logistic organization supported by an advanced goods management system.

Our clients

Over the past years, we’ve built an extensive network of high-profile clients that are satisfied with our logistics services.

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